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Deviant Pheasent
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello, welcome to my profile!
You know how people call themselves trash? Well, they're not as trashy as I am!

I mostly work on my story and art based on them. Once in a while, I'll post commissioned art ordered from others.
A lot of my content is mostly weird, involving science fiction and fantasy. I also sometimes write in my journal about stuff that's been on my mind, please don't look at that. So if you like any of my stuff I'd love to see people's comments. And if you want to help me out of my procrastination trance, that'll be nice too!

I'm also pretty friendly, though I never have anything interesting to say. But even then I enjoy meeting new people! I'm also open to simple flag commissions as well, so be sure to look at that if you're interested.

I'm also really dumb.

NSFW FA account:…
(Don't visit my FA, it's disgusting and dangerous)



If you want to make new friends, don't talk politics or religion. No matter how moderate you are. I consider myself to be a social liberal. A stance that has in recent times has become a radical position to take. The Far-Right wishes for liberalism to be purged while the Far-Left is more than happy to help them... unofficially. The Alt-Right has made steady progress over the years through intimidation and a well-executed propaganda campaign. The Far-Left is watching their sibling, carefully watching and taking notes. In times like these, its easier to just stay quiet and hope the two kill each other without them taking a breather to attack easier targets, political heathens like myself and others. Moderates may as well be pagans in the middle of the Holy Lands during the Second Crusade.

So really, either I speak my mind and get burned at the stake, join the fringe and die on a hill that isn't worth fighting for, or do the sensible thing and run away. Or better yet, pretend to be part of the fringe and take advantage of its corruption, hoping that the commissars don't notice.

One rule that I set for myself is that you make fun of the ideology, not the people who subscribe to it. But politics has always been so ingrained by identity that those who subscribe to it may as well not be considered human. What I mean by that is that there is a species of fungus, the Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis, whose characteristic is to infect ants. They infect the host's brain, chaining their behavior until their zombies:…

I used to troll people who were passionate about politics, most people who are on the Far-Left and Far-Right. Because it was always funny to me on how they can take something that is beyond their control so seriously. But I was young and stupid, where anger gave me a bit of a thrill. As I got older, I didn't find it as much as fun, but depressing and pointless. These days I find nothing but anger from politics because of the toxic environment it encourages. Simply put, I don't think ideology is about ideas or the discussion of them in civilized terms, but rather they are living parasitic entities that feed on hate and ignorance. They infect their hosts and then seek to expand it through fear and intimidation. The most toxic and controversial ideologies to do this is Fascism and Marxism. Two points of views that many people dedicate their souls too for no reward from the parasite itself.

Its often hard to tell if people are taking advantage of ideology for their own amusement of the ideology is taking advantage of them. It is a huge hot take to consider ideology to be a parasite that brings very few advantages. But still, while I hate politics, I am also extremely fascinated by it. Especially extremist politics. Its memetic nature can turn any ideology into a hive mind, forcing its adherents to blindly obey it and defend it. I had a post on here about an extremely exaggerated ideology that I created based on current Far-Left tenants, mostly inspired by lurking on Twitter. It was a reductionist view of Far-Left extremism at its worst. Blind obedience and xenophobia (As in a phobia for alien concepts). I wasn't too happy about posting it since I didn't want to end up in some circular arguments and whataboutery. So I deleted as soon as I got my first seemingly negative comment.

The post was more about me wanting to create a Left-Wing villain because I think evilness in the Left is a treasure trove of story opportunities. And who would blame me? After reading Far-Left twitter posts about how moderates are evil and deserved to be purged and that Socialism should be the only true God of the universe. Again, I'm being reductive, and I figured that having a pole so far up your ass and delusions of grandeur is a trait that supervillains often have. I wasn't really trying to build a strawman, though let's be fair, Villians are strawmen by their very nature (Most of the time). But again, most people wouldn't've understood what I was trying to do nor would they care. Because the people who would be offended by my post would be people highly dedicated to the cause I'm making fun of, and I'll be blunt and say that ideologues are by their very nature, IGNORANT. Because in truth, in order for Marxism or Fascism to work, it has to have ignorant people supporting it, since that's the inherent trait of populism, collective thought, and hostility to evolution.

That's why I don't get into politics. Because it encourages hot takes, logical fallacies, misery and stupidity. Politics, in my opinion, is parasitic and predatory.

Let me take something resent to use as an example. There is a schism within the Furry Fandom between Neo-Nazi groups and Antifascist groups. They are both parasitic entities that I believe care more about infecting as many hosts as it can rather than fight for some arbitrary cause. Both of them use the same tactics and both of them say they are not like the other. Like any disease, they will weaken your immune system with intimidation, gaslighting, logical fallacies and skullduggery until you've had enough and just let them in. Thankfully, they are a very small disease within a larger ecosystem full of problems. The only good thing about the Far-Left and Right is that they are all too busy fighting each other rather than to attack innocent people.

I don't do politics because I don't want to be part of that. And I would advise anyone not to either. And if you are forced into a corner, just remember that is ALWAYS an infinity of alternative options. In my case, I won't go Left or Right, but rather try to decide if I want to go Up or Down.



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